Author: renual1337

Stardew Valley Hub

Hello everyone,

A couple months ago we opened a fan website for the popular game Stardew Valley.

The website will start out with Mods for the game, but will later extend to include game guides and news.

We call it the Stardew Valley Hub

The website is still heavily under development though, so make sure to check back soon!

All the best,



Hi all,

Today I announce the pre-launch of Top Gameservers. will feature the best gaming servers in one easy to use website.

Categories will range from Ark, To Rust, To Minecraft and beyond.

All the best,



Hi everyone,

In the start of June we launched our Rocket League Trading Website.

An easy to use website to find other individuals who are searching for a trade on Rocket league.

The system supports all the different platforms:

  • Steam
  • PS4
  • Xbox

Since it’s launch it has been consistently growing and we’re happy to announce that it’s now reaching over a thousand people daily, only 5 weeks after it’s inception.

All the best,



Minecraft PE Servers

Hello all,

In addition to our Minecraft PC server list, we’ve also opened a list for Minecraft PE Servers. 

On this list you can find minecraft servers that are compatible with Pocket Edition, and Windows 10 edition.

Soon Minecraft will be merging the versions and replacing the Java Edition. This toplist should serve as a baseline for all new servers to come.

All the best,